Leaving and the flights…

Go on, try it

Go on, try it

Mixed feelings as I say a tearful bye to Dad and head through the security sausage factory into the departure lounge. There’s a tiny part of me right at the back of my head that thinks “What are you doing this for?! Home is so nice!” But sitting there looking at the aircraft with the smell of burnt avgas wafting into the room start I filling with excitement..(Holidays begin at the airport for me)

This excitement only grows as the aircraft is brought to life and we make for the runway, passing an aircraft with a little Canadian flag on the way. Take off was pretty unremarkable I suppose, but there was a tinge of reflection as I glimpsed London’s Olympic park and my old neighbourhood of Leyton. Its where I lived when this whole idea started, so it was a bit poignant to see it just as I left. I GoPro’d the take off as well. (obviously!)

My double flights were actually pretty good mainly because I had an empty seat next to me on both legs and the entertainment system was loaded up with tons of music, movies and TV shows. It was certainly the best I’ve ever experienced! Bit nerdy but, all of Icelandair’s 757s are names after volcanoes. Best naming convention ever. The second one I was on is named after a volcano where they use geothermal energy to produce over 300W of electricity, how awesome is that!? Its called Hengill which to be honest also sounds like a good name for an owl. The first was call Öræfajökull, good luck pronouncing that one! The food is was also pretty good and included the biggest apple I’ve ever seen. Appropriate really….


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