Arriving in New York and Day 1

New York looked more like Glasgow when I arrived, grey and wet! Thankfully my trip through US customs was fairly quick and uneventful although I was surprised to see that even the people checking my passport had guns! I opted to get to Manhattan on the air-train and tube which worked pretty well. New York has so many friendly people and every time I found myself staring at a map someone would stop and help me out, it was really great! Despite jet lag I was able to manage a couple of beers with my American friend Erika, who’s taught me about tipping over here. Basicly add a dollar or two to any beer that a human gives you!

After a half decent nights sleep on the hostel I headed over to central park on a free tour provided by a volunteer at the hostel, the place is a huge sprawling wilderness but is almost entirely man made, which sort of took the edge off its impressiveness a touch for me. Its still pretty awesome though, and is dotted with statues and sculptures and viewing spots, throughout tons of woodland and planted gardens. It seems essential to keeping everyone sane in the city too, as I found out afterwards the place a serious concrete jungle on a scale I’d barely imagined before I came here. Post tour I enjoyed some lone wandering down 72nd street to the mighty Hudson river, again much bigger than I expected, its not exactly the Thames!


In the evening I met up with Erika and a couple of her friends and went to a rather trendy bar in Brooklyn. Brooklyn appears to be the hipster capital of New York and we started to feel rather under-dressed as the place filled up with people who actually worked for Armani I got away with it though because everyone knows what Skifree is… Jet lag brought the evening to a rapid end!



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