New York Day 3 – Chilling and Time lapsing…

After my tourism binge the day before, I was quite happy to take things at a slower pace! My main mission for today was to buy the keyboard for my tablet and see the High Line, a planted old railway the winds through the west side of Manhattan. Me and Erika got hot dogs from Chelsea market and did a spot of people watching on the High Line, enjoying the weather which has vastly improved from the days before, whilst I had a go at doing a timelapse.

The high line is awesome, if your in the city and looking for a pleasant walk its a must. It was quite crowded on this particular Sunday but still a very pleasant place to go walk through and enjoy some greenery. I’ve realised over the last few days that as a country bumpkin I need greenery and fresh air to feel human, so I’m not sure how long I could actually live in New York it seems I’d have to be near one of these parks to survive, which is expensive!

From there we nipped to the tiny Microsoft store in a shopping centre on Columbus Circle and then over to the flashy Apple store at the opposite corner. It wasn’t really on my list but it was close so why not. It looked pretty cool. In finding the Microsoft store we also saw Times Square in the day, which was no less spectacular. After a wander back through the park we made our way on the tube to Brooklyn to catch the sunset and have a frankly massive pizza. Whilst I’m in two minds about whether I could live in New York, I am strangely in love with this view, its quintessential cityscape and its fascinating.

Post sunset I nipped back for a few beers at Erika’s flat in Harlem. Harlem seems pretty cool, it was a hot night and there were lots of people gathered in the street socialising. I also experienced American TV! We watched the end of the latest series of Mad Men which was broadcast twice for some reason!! Very strange. I returned to the hostel to the familiar pattern of there being different people in my room every night!


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