New York – Day 4 – Last few places to see..

Things stayed at a relaxed pace for my last full day in New York. I spent the morning doing some much needed personal admin, including sorting out my stuff ready to head out Niagara, and writing blog posts! Then Erika and I headed over to Roosevelt island, going over the Tramway (that cable car in GTA 4), and enduring the searing afternoon sun to see the city from another angle. I didn’t realize that you can also see the UN building from here, which was cool. After that we headed to Bob White’s on the lower east side to have what I can say is the best fried chicken I have ever had! This place utterly destroys the likes of KFC or USA Chicken, the chicken I had was covered in a light spicy batter that was really tasty, and combined with a spiced cheese. Fantastic.

KFC eat your heart out!

KFC eat your heart out!

Stuffed, we headed to a roof top bar near the Empire State Building, and chanced upon the Flatiron building on the way which I didn’t expect. The building is another iconic sight in New York, and I hadn’t planned to make a special trip to see it, so I was really exciting to just turn around and find it behind me!

The unexpected suprise.

The unexpected suprise.

By this point it was now getting dark, so we made our way towards Times Square for one last look at the lights, circling the enormous Empire State Building on our way, perhaps next time I’m in New York I’ll go up it! Finally we made for the bar where we’d gone for a drink the I arrived, and after a couple of beers and a big hug we parted ways. On the way back to my room I found myself wondering how it had all gone so fast, and feeling so glad I had taken so many photos to help me remember this great part of my trip.

Enjoying the lights on my last night.

Enjoying the lights on my last night.

Any regrets?

Well some of you are probably thinking, “You went all the way to New York and didn’t go up the Empire State Building!?”. I had been expecting a trip to be organised to this through the hostel, which there wasn’t, Erika is unemployed at this point, and going up there on my own didn’t seem much fun, so I thought I’d save it for another trip. It doesn’t bother me however, as thanks to the hostel and Erika I saw waaay more of the city than I was expecting and had some great “Off the beaten track” experiences like Bob White’s and the little bar in Brooklyn, and its these that really enriched the trip. Everyone gawps at Time Square and takes selfies up the Empire State.


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