Niagara Falls

I only had a day in Niagara, and after spending the morning sorting out my Social Insurance Number, an essential requirement for working in Canada, I went off in search of nerdy facts about the falls.


My quest led me don a super protective plastic poncho and journey down behind the horse shoe falls themselves in the apply-named “Journey behind The Falls Experience”. The sound that your listening to was recorded from the edge of the falls on the surface and is the sound of over 150 million litres of water pouring over the brink, towards the tunnel portals below, every minute. That’s about 150,000 tonnes or 20,000 london buses going over the edge every minute! The recording doesn’t quite do justice to the deep rumble that can be heard throughout the tunnels, I can only imagine what it must have been like digging them! The falls were eroding backwards at a whopping 3m a year, but human development has brought that down to just 30cm every 10 years. Looking at the water tearing over the edge, I love to see what the falls would look like in their untamed state. I also got to view the falls at night with lights on them for the first time, which was quite pretty.



Now onwards to Toronto!


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