Arriving in Toronto and The Hunt. (for a place and a job)

Arriving in Toronto felt well and truly like the beginning of a new life. The fun and games in New York and Niagara seemed a world away and now it was time to get down to the serious business of finding a place to live, and a job. Well sort of. There was time for a day or two of fun and a baseball game with my friend Michelle first and then the serious stuff began!



I began by canvassing the nearby climbing walls, and the CN Tower’s Edgewalk, with my CV (Resumé as they call it over here), as these were my priorities, the places where having a job would simply be awesome. After that I started to keep my eye out for other places, kitchen work, outdoor shops etc, places where with a bit of training, or drawing on my previous chef experience, I could be useful. I’d read that the tactic of meeting potential employers face to face with a resumé would be quite effective, and this tactic paid off when a meeting with senior staff member resulted in me landing a job the first wall I went to!!

Hunting for houses on the other hand proved slightly more tricky. Based on experience in London, I’d allowed 6 nights in the Toronto hostel for finding a room and a job, but this ended up being extended to 8 as I grappled with using Craigslist and Kijiji (Canada’s 2 most popular classified websites) effectively. As is the way with these kinds of sites, places are not always quite as clean and welcoming as they appear in their adds, so it took a few days of searching to go through lots of places until I came across one in the right place with the right balance of cleanliness and nice people. Thankfully the stress of sorting that all out is now over and I can start earning some money and enjoying summer in the city! Whilst I’ve been typing this I made a time-lapse of the water front near the CN Tower. Its a surprisingly tranquil place given its proximity to the city, if you like planes that is. If you don’t like planes, you might want to take a tram further down the Lakeshore!


One thought on “Arriving in Toronto and The Hunt. (for a place and a job)

  1. It’s worthy to note, the colours that the tower was mostly coloured in that night, red, blue and gold, were in honor of the police officers killed in a recent shooting.

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