Poutine, Drive-Ins and Baseball

During my first week in Toronto I also enjoyed a couple of great first experiences! Promptly on arrival in Toronto I was presented with some Poutine. Essentially this is cheesey chips and gravy, but in Canada its an institution! I would definitely have it again, although I must confess I’m fussy about gravy so I’ll need to acquire the taste a little bit.

Watching the Blue Jays at the Skydome was technically not a first for me, but I was very young last time so I can’t remember all that much. Essentially you need to treat it like watching a cricket match, as the game itself isn’t exactly fast. For $17, for a top tier seat, you can’t really go wrong, although expect at least $25 more on a couple of beers. Good fun though, its way better than watching it on TV as you can see where all those miss-hits and foul balls end up going. Generally into an excitable crowd! At one point a bat got accidentally thrown in!

Midway through my house hunt me and Michelle headed down to the local drive-in to see X Men, which was unique experience for me. The quality of the viewing tends to depend on how early you turn up, and the quality of the sounds depends on your car’s radio and sound system, which in a new Toyota was pretty good! I’d definitely go again, its also two films for 6 dollars!! 


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