Settling in and financial limbo…

After my house hunt finished up in a largish flat, in the rather awesome neighborhood of Kensington Market (no I haven’t moved back to London!) The market is sort of like Camden minus the canals, with loads of independent shops clustered along a couple of streets about a mile from the centre of Toronto. Market living is great. Rather than going just down to Tesco or similar and buying average food in one place, I go between little speciality shops buying great fresh produce from each one!

A mural just outside my flat.

A mural just outside my flat.

The view down my street.

The view down my street.

This would all be fine if I had easy access to cash, which for the first couple of weeks I did not… Thanks to the bank ‘miss-placing’ an email in their system, my main money transfer did not happen for nearly 2 weeks, and this hampered by ability to explore the city somewhat. After patiently waiting through the banks advertised times for responses and the transfer I eventually gave up waiting and rang back to the UK to find out what the issue was. Amazingly, after they “found” the details I had sent them 2 weeks previously, the transferred happened instantly and for free! Funny how the banks don’t always have to charge you to do things with your own money…. Anyway if you want to know more about how I got around that read my “Lessons Learned” page.

Mmm holds..


Despite my constrained funds I have still been able to earn some new money, the image above is of my new office! I also had a call back from the CN Tower, so I can hopefully report some more good news on the job-front soon. I also had a really nice day out with Michelle at Wasaga beach, which is about an hour and half north of Toronto (literally along one, arrow straight road). The beach is on Lake Huron and is apparently the longest fresh water beach in the world, at a whopping 7 miles. The weather was spectacular, but despite being meticulous with my suntan lotion I still managed to get a sun burnt ankle! Across from the beach lies Blue Mountain which was a poignant sight for me. I’d spent much time researching potential ski resorts to work at during the winter, and it was quite strange to be finally laying eyes on one after all those months of planning. 

Paddle-board anyone?

Paddle-board anyone?


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