The heat! Oh the heat!!

Since my hot day on Wasaga beach the weather in Toronto has been almost unbroken hot sunshine. Almost. When the weather does decide to come in, it tends to be in the form of a very short sharp thunderstorm that will soak you to the skin if your caught off guard on an otherwise sunny day. I’ve found myself having to run through more than one deluge, in just shorts and t shirt, in search of a tram (street car) shelter! The temperature stays the same whatever the conditions it seems, and this makes for great warm evenings, should the rain not be around. I spent one of these warm evenings touring the Royal Ontario Museum (called the “ROM” by locals) in a slightly surreal manor – whilst getting drunk!

Wooo! Dinosaurs!!

Wooo! Dinosaurs!!

For a number of Friday nights in early summer the museum opens it’s doors during the evening, and well to be honest, turns into a massive club! It’s pretty awesome. All of the exhibits are open, although some require you to enter without a drink, and you can peruse them to you hearts content. Dotted all around the museum are great food stalls, bars and even a couple of dance floors. This was the last one of the season, for Pride, and was a classy affair, with me in one of the two good shirts I had room for in my bag, and Michelle in a lovely dress. I think its a great way to get people interested in the museum and also very brave considering that some of the exhibits are separated from the public by just a chest height piece of glass. The hours of merriment are curtailed at 11pm though, so I guess this prevents anyone from getting too inebriated.

There was much merriment in Toronto for World Pride, and that same weekend we headed down through the sweltering heat to a packed Dundas Square to see the colourful Pride Parade. The city was awash with colour for the week, and the CN Tower was lit up in bright moving rainbow during the night.

All of the colours.

All of the colours.

Speaking of the CN Tower, it’s now become my new office! Well the walkway (or Edgewalk) around the top that is! Its a pretty amazing office with no walls, just a big strong safety system and an unrivaled view of Toronto. I can’t wait to get started! I’m still working at the climbing wall too, in a part time role, so I’m hoping to balance the two as they both have seasonal peaks and troughs.


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