August Activities

Whops! Its been well over a month since I put something up here, so what have I been doing then?

Ripley’s Aquarium

I do love aquariums so it was only a matter of time before I made a visit to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. It lies conveniently right next door to where I work, and has two massive sharks painted on the roof, so its not hard to miss! The aquarium boasts the large shark tank in North America amongst a load of other tanks. The shark tank was of course awesome with a long winding tunnel through it, we were funnelled along the tunnel with other guests on a long conveyor belt! Thry also had tanks for lots of cold water species, including a big area for Canada’s seas and the great lakes.

Ray at Ripleys

Gliding through the shark tank


Canada’s Wonderland is a sprawling park filled with rides designed to batter your senses, and in some cases your body! Michelle and Me spent most of our 6 hours there coaster-bashing trying to hit as many different roller coasters as possible. The two stars of the show there are Leviathan and Bohemeth, big winding smooth coasters that don’t go upside down, but my favourites were the two wooden one’s. One was called The Mighty Canadian Minebuster, a classic name if ever I’ve heard one!

With a name like that, who can say no?

With a name like that, who can say no?

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)

For two weeks in August, the CNE comes to town, its a sprawling exhibition filled with many fair ground rides and just about all the fried food you could ever need! I’ve placed a video of me and Michelle taking a ride over the exhibition bellow. The exhibition runs for two weeks, and finishes with an airshow, which I enjoyed massively thanks to my lofty view point on the Edgewalk. Coming out on to the platform with the Snowbirds breaking at eye level is something I’ll never forget.

In other news, I finished my training at the Edgewalk and I now have the pleasure of taking guests out onto it to, to give them a very special tour of Toronto! The job is pretty amazing, I don’t think I’ll ever quite get over the view from the tower, or the satisfaction of seeing the guests having a great time. I’m working on getting some photos or a video for here, hopefully, so check back soon! I’ve also moved house and am now commuting regularly by the underground for the first time in my life. Whilst I was living in London I drove to out of the city work, which was apparently “bizarre”!