September and more job success….

With winter coming, and working a ski resort being one of my biggest priorities for this trip, I’ve been planing my applications for some time now. Before I left the UK I’d assembled a big list of resorts from the internet (see below) and over August and September I’d sent out a few applications. To be honest my main interest was really only in one place, Whistler.

Many to choose from!

Many to choose from!

Miraculously after sending my application in, I had a phone interview, and then a face to face interview and a couple of weeks ago they sent me a job offer!! So my winter plans are now falling into place, and previous fears about being in the wrong place at the wrong time for a acquiring a job have now been allayed. Now I can start to plan my journey onwards across Canada, and I’ve opted to take the train. And after looking at the dates I’ll be making my way west in late November, to arrive in Whistler in time for the beginning of December. They’ve just posted a video of their first snow day!

What else have I got up to? I had the opportunity to see Bombay Bicycle Club the other week, which was really good. I don’t know much of their music so I was a bit lost for singing a long at the gig, but I’ve discovered some new music which is never a bad thing, and we had a great view from high up on a balcony.

The Opera House went mad! Photo by Michelle Gerrard!

The Opera House went mad! Photo by Michelle Gerrard!

As for Edgewalk, the season is warming down now so the days are easy, with us taking out smaller groups, which is great after a very hectic summer! In order to compensate for my slightly shorter week, I’m now picking up more shifts at Joe Rockheads, which works out pretty well. Also this means I’ve been working on my own climbing too, I’m pushing into V4- V5 territory now which is awesome.


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