Guelph and Niagara on the Lake

With fall in full swing, Michelle and I headed down to Guelph. Its a nice little town where Michelle spent her university days, and she was particularly interested in the university’s new griffon statue, as she’s a huge Harry Potter fan! We avoided the motorway on the way down to see the scenic Ontario country side.

Rolling hills...

Rolling hills…

Guelph itself is really nice, really leafy, with a hefty splash of English-ness. Even central London doesn’t have the density of English street names that this town does!

The names seem familiar...

These names seem familiar…

During the day we visited the university and wandered around the leafy main campus and arboretum. Fall was in full flow and we got lucky with the weather, so the colours in the trees looked great. The English name theme continued into the evening as we did a pub crawl around all of Michelle’s favourite pubs – The Woolwich Arrow, Baker Street and The Albion, much local ale was consumed!

He wants you to learn!

He wants you to learn!

The next day we headed back to Toronto and had a quiet evening to get over our hangovers, going to the cinema and having a great pizza. In the morning we went down to Niagara on the Lake for a walk around and a very nice cup of afternoon tea. The town itself is very quaint, with a sort of old western feel too it, many of the buildings have been around since the 1800s. We had our tea in the Prince of Wales hotel which put on a really good spread of waay to many small sandwiches than I can eat in one sitting. I also brought some really really good fudge, which I have been hungering for ever since. The only disappointment for me was that the weather wasn’t good enough to see back across the lake to the Toronto and the CN Tower, I’ve been staring at Niagara from the Edgewalk all summer so it would have been fun to take a look from the other direction.


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