Last minute tourism, and preparations for moving West.

Winter arrived early in Toronto, again. A shock fall of snow on Halloween had everyone grumbling about last year’s polar vortex, fall not being long enough, and served as a ominous reminder to me that my time in Toronto would soon be coming to an end. I still had things I wanted to see, as did a few of us at Edgewalk, so me and a couple of friends Justin and Margo spent a day cramming in as many discount attractions in as we could, before we had to hand our CN Tower passes back in. In an 11 hour walking marathon across the city we visited:

  • Steamwhistle Brewery – for a brewery tour.

  • The Fairmont Royal York Hotel – for a special Mill Street honey beer.

  • The Hockey Hall of fame – for a selfie with the Stanley Cup

  • The Art Gallery of Ontario – for a run up their cool stair cases.

  • The Imperial Pub – for a good burger

  • Young and Dundas Square – for the lights, and colour.

  • The Second City – to see A Rebel without a Cosmos.

It was a hectic day but great to cross so many things off my list! Here’s some pictures:



Much sought-after...

Much sought-after…

Inside and Out!

Inside and Out!

As well as my tourism binge, I’ve also been cracking on with the climbing (videos soon to follow) and I did my first open air ice skating which was really fun. Slightly cold at -14! I also tried my hand at making my own spring rolls, thanks to Michelle’s dad!

In the final days running up to me leaving tomorrow, I’ve been mostly doing admin and trying to see everyone I’ve met. Edgewalk had a great end of season booze up, in which I managed to get humorously emotional, and I got an award for being “The Person most Excited about Snow!”. On Wednesday I enjoyed a meal with Michelle’s mum, who gave me a great new hat and socks. And today I made my last climbs with all my friends at Joe Rockhead’s and a couple from Edgewalk.

I’ll have mixed feelings as I leave Toronto tomorrow, I’m looking forward to boarding on Whistler’s famous slopes, but I’ve had a wonderful time here and have loads of people who I’ll miss when I’m gone. I’ll definitely be back in the new year.


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