Leaving Toronto and Day 1 – Traversing Ontario..

Keen to see my old haunts before I left, I took Michelle on a tour around downtown Toronto for my last day there. My train, The Canadian, wasn’t due to leave until 10pm that night, so we had ample time for several local pints in different places around the city, and we grabbed a few photos along the way as well.



Very Festive!

Very Festive!

Soon it was time for me to leave, and after a tearful parting of ways, I boarded my new home for the next few days. Almost immediately I was presented with champagne and canapés! This was turning out to be a very good choice of transport! The train itself is vast, with two large domes at the middle and end, where I’ll be spending most of my time, a dining car in the middle, several carriages for rooms, bunks, and seats. After getting to know some of my fellow passengers over several glasses of champagne and stuffing myself with free canapés, I retired to my bunk. It was exactly 6 months since I’d left the UK.


After a somewhat patchy night’s sleep, I awoke to a superb “Transcontinental” breakfast, and after a wobbly shower I took a seat in the dome to take in the frozen Ontario scenery. The picture bellow pretty much sums it up, a vast wooded wilderness, criss-crossed with hundreds of lakes and rivers. After an entire 24 hours on the train we were still in the province of Ontario, and it was beginning to sink in that this country really is huge. We had a brief stop in the town of Hornepayne (population 1050), and it was the only time I’d had a signal on my phone all day, it felt incredibly remote.

Train living is actually pretty awesome, there’s lots of people who are as enthused about the journey as I am, the view is great, and the food is pretty awesome too! Next stop Winnipeg!


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