Day 2 – Welcome to the prairies

Helped by several beers I slept very well on my second night, and woke up fresh and early the next day. Over the course of breakfast and the morning, as we headed towards Winnipeg, the landscape changed significantly, from the thick forest and lakes of Ontario, to the flat open plains of Manitoba. This change happened literally in about an hour!

Flat, very flat.

Flat, very flat.

Unfortunately during the night there had been a problem with a frozen set of points, so we were behind schedule when we arrived Winnipeg and had just half an hour for a quick pint before moving on deeper into the prairies themselves. Dominating the skyline at the station was the Human Rights museum, it would have been good to take a tour around, the building itself is quite striking. The weather had also vastly improved and we on the train were enjoying gorgeous blue skies.



Our progress away from Winnipeg was slow, as sadly we had a medical emergency on the train and were stopped for quite a while, whilst that was worked though. This then lead to crew hour issues, which had us waiting to pass a train with no crew, and making an extra stop to change drivers.

Waiting in Mellville.

Waiting in Mellville.

By the late evening we were moving again though, and the crew was working hard to make up time. Our next stop would be Saskatoon in the early hours of the morning.


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