Day 3 – The plains of Saskatchewan and Alberta

I treated myself to a lie-in on day 3. Because of the direction we’d been travelling in, we were going back in times zones so each day was sort of 25 hours long. After lazily getting up around 10, I look down and saw that my phone clock had been set back to 9! Win! Unfortunately this hadn’t amounted to any extra bar time along the way! Progress in the night been slow it seems and we were now 7 hours behind schedule. I had slept through our Saskatoon pick-up and by lunch time we were into Alberta, on our way to Edmonton.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

As the day wore on the landscape began to change, as we approached Edmonton the scenery got progressively more hilly, and by the time we had reached Jasper I could see the dark ominous shapes if the mountains. Unfortunately it was dark by the time we entered the mountains, but after dinner I spent some time (with more free champagne, and some tunes on), with my head pressed against the window peering in to the darkness, and I could see the train winding around the corners in front of me. In the limited light I could see the sharp shapes of cuttings hewn and blasted in to the rock, and the entrances of the dark tunnels we were passing in to. Now I was beginning to get excited, Vancouver, and Whistler beyond, felt close.


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