Settling into Whistler and a Christmas like no other…

Arriving in Whistler felt like another new beginning, Michelle and my friends in Toronto were now a very long way away, but luckily with Ralph and my mate Laurie from London already living in town, I had mates that I could go out with right away! I secured my free season pass within 24 hours and immediately set about trying to get back into the groove after a break of over a year. It became apparent immediately however that my current snowboard was a little too short for keeping up with my much faster mates, and riding the deep powder, so I decided to make a big investment and get a brand new powder snowboard. Its probably one of the best investments I’ve made as my riding has improved massively and I can now go pretty fast! It handles amazingly on the powder as well! Here it is!

Powder anyone?

Powder anyone?

After about a week of intense manual reading, and training sessions, I was ready to work as a lifty, saying hello to guests at the lift and making sure they board safely. The job has its perks here’s a video of my daily commute!

Christmas Day was quite strange, it was my first away from home, and I got up early to Skype the family and open some presents that they’d sent over in the days before. And it was really great to talk to Michelle for an hour and catch up with things going on in Toronto. It was really nice to see and speak everyone, by this point I’d been away from home for over 7 months, and in the early days since I’d moved from Toronto I had occasionally felt a little lonely. This would change soon though as my mate Tim would be arriving a couple of days later and my parents would be coming early in the new year!


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