Rain Rain Go Away……

As January wore on snowfall on the mountains became increasingly less frequent, and now rain was falling fairly regularly. I had been planning on doing a heli-boarding trip towards the end of the month, but this didn’t happen, and several of my days off were spent at home or in the local climbing wall with heavy rain and winds battering the mountain. Some snow was falling at the top, so whenever there was a break in the weather, me and a couple of the lifties were able to get on the mountain and have a couple of good days. Conditions under foot however were quite icey! Working as a lifty was still going pretty well, most guests were putting on a brave face in the conditions, and any rides I got in during the morning at work were great. Plus we were still getting some awesome sunrises.

Not a bad way to start work.

Not a bad way to start work.

I also had a stroke of luck with my train ticket back; as my train had been delayed coming into Vancouver Via Rail kindly gave me a credit for well over $300! This combined with an early booking sale, and my train ticket back to Toronto would come to just $90! Pretty awesome in this day of cheap air travel. I decided to go from Jasper this time, and I’ve planned to spend a couple of days with a friend of the family on my way across. This and the heli-boarding faff freed up quite a bit of additional funds for me to use, and snow conditions in Whistler were not getting any better , so I decided to take a trip back to Toronto in February to surprise Michelle for her birthday.

With the 2015 Edgewalk season fast approaching I was also lucky enough to be invited back to be a guide once again! They’re pretty keen to get me back as soon as possible, so with any luck I’ll be back out up the tower before the end of April!


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