The end of Winter….

As March slipped into April snow continued to fall on the upper levels of the mountains. We had a couple good dumps, that gave us some great days, and even brought snow to the village level. Not enough to keep the much needed ski outs open though, I was still walking the hill to and from the village.

Hike-out anyone?

Hike-out anyone?

With the end of the season looming, everyone was keen to cram in as much as they could, so I was out on everyone of my days off with different people. The riding was great as we were getting regular new snow and the mountain itself was beginning to quieten down. Easter and the weekends were fairly busy, but the week days were dead, which made for plenty of fresh lines!

Mmmmmmm, first line of the day!

Mmmmmmm, first line of the day!

In the evenings I had plenty of things to do. Now that I was in the visa system I had numerous forms to fill out, which included attempting to write and itinerary for the next 2 years! Actually sitting down and writing it was kind of bizarre, the extra year on the visa was unexpected and I spent more time thinking about where my life was going than typing “On this day I will do this”. I’ve got everything submitted now, so it’s just a case of watching my emails and waiting for my PoE letter to be emailed to me. As the season drew to a close people started to leave Whistler to go back to their old lives. I now had my room to myself, which was great, and there was no shortage of extra shifts for people as many liftys had also moved on. I had planned to leave the day after the season closed and as I ticked off the final days of the season I began re packing my life back in to the bag ready to head out. I had an extra bag for all my winter stuff, so packing was quite a long process!!

Would be nice if the bikes were mine...

Would be nice if the bikes were mine…

Last night and this morning, after a somewhat heavy evening drinking in the locker room at work, I said my good byes and headed on to the bus with a heavy heart. Whistler was amazing fun, I made lots of new friends, and I was sad to watch the mountain disappear as the bus carried me out of the village. Still, plenty more adventuring to come, I’m on my way to the Okanagan now to visit some friends of the family, and then it’s back on the train to Toronto!!


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