July and Pan Am…

July started with more bangs, literally. Toronto was the host city of the 2015 Pan American Games, one of the largest multi-sport events in the world, and the largest ever in Canada. The CN Tower was the official attraction of the games, and was right in the heart of the action, with the Pan American flame just outside the office window!

Freshly lit!!!

Freshly lit!!!

Edgewalk made a couple of contributions to the festivities, and I was lucky enough to be asked to help out. The opening ceremony featured a base jump off of the tower and it was a frankly insane moment, and a massive highlight of the trip. When I arrived in Toronto close to a year ago on the day, I never expected to see such an event, from such an amazing place, and as part of my job!!! The opening and closing ceremonies also featured massive fireworks displays, and I was again asked to help out to make them happen. This was really satisfying as I got to make use of some of my skills that I’d brought with me from my previous experience, and take my role at Edgewalk beyond the everyday guiding that I do. It was hugely satisfying to take part and see the finished product at the end. Here’s the closing ceremony display:


Pan Am dominated the city in July, and I was lucky to be given some free tickets to the Field Hocky from the tower, so I went along with one of my fellow Edgewalkers Katie, and saw Mexico get hammered 7-0 by Chile, it was a fun afternoon!

Thanks for the photo Katie!

Thanks for the photo Katie!

At the end of the month I also managed to get in another outdoor climbing trip, and went to see a Jays game with Margo and Justin, for my birthday! It was another awesome trip down to Mount Nemo during which I led a very hard climb, and I was finally able to see the Jays win a game!

More climbing!!

More climbing!!


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