More climbing in August……

After the excitement of Pan Am and my birthday, I settled down and spent most of August working. Edgewalk was now in full flow and this meant 12 hour days and lots of walks. I was keen to earn as much money as possible during the season so I took up extra shifts where I could, and spent most of my time free time climbing with Justin and Margo. I’ve been really pleased that I’ve been able to keep up my climbing strength despite the winter and a busy summer, and with a couple of outdoor sport trips under my belt, I’m feeling more confident outdoors than ever before.

Pushing my limits!!!

Pushing my limits!!!

Towards the middle of August I had another opportunity to test myself with Justin, and his friend from Joe Rockheads, out at Old Baldy. The crag is an hour or so north of Toronto towards Lake Huron, and we made an early start on the first day in order to get to the crag at about 11. It was a great day’s worth of climbing, the crag was a gap between the main cliff and a separated block which was in the shade all day and relatively mosquito free. After a couple of easier climbs to get us limbered up we started to push into the harder grades, taking on a fantastic 5.10a that actually left me feeling “pumped” for the first time outdoors. All of us lead the route clean with no rests, so we were feeling super confident to take on another 5.10 just next door. This turned out to be a little harder than we all expected, with a desperate run out section at the finish, which gave Justin his first and second ever outdoor lead falls. Slightly nervy from that, we decided to finish on something a little easier!

The Alleyway!

The Alleyway!

Hoping to get a second day in we camped at a nearby campsite, but despite a nice evening we had to cut the trip short when a storm rolled in overnight and soaked the crag. It was still a great trip though, I was really pleased to finish the 5.10 and still be keeping my strength up.

Throughout August, I was also busy planning for September! My friends from home were coming to stay, and I wanted to pack in as many cool things for them to do, and I was getting ready to return to the UK for the first time 15 months!!


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