Coming home felt weirdly normal. I’d been expecting some kind of surreal nostalgia or something on the flight back, but after a few minutes at home it felt like I’d never left. Aside from my room being a bit more cluttered, nothing had really changed in the house while I’d been gone. My parents had insured me on my mum’s car, and after a day to get over my jet lag, I went out and had no trouble getting used to driving again.

Looking out from the top of the hill...

Looking out from the top of the hill…

I was only home for 10 days, and it would be a hectic trip. Keen to catch up with as many friends and family as possible I’d crammed a lot of visits and activities into the first week. After a couple of days at home, I spent a day and half with my best friends Craig and Soph. We’ve been friends since we were in the Air Cadets, well over 10 years ago so it was really nice to see them and have a proper catch up. We had lunch and hung out during the day and then met a load of my friends at a nearby pub in the evening. It was really great to see everyone, and what was really nice about it was that I didn’t feel estranged to anyone whilst I’d been gone, everyone was chatting and laughing, as if I’d only really been gone a week! The next day, after staying at Craig’s, I headed down to London. I hadn’t really been expecting to do this, I thought that I wouldn’t have enough time, but amazingly I found a cheap train ticket, and was able to grab a lift with my Dad the next day, so was able to get a cheeky evening down there. It was really great getting back into London, even just for a night. London has some kind of buzz that I can’t quite put my finger as the train rolled in I got increasingly more excited. I has arranged to stay over at my mate Tom’s, and he got a load of messages out to everyone I knew in the city, and nearly all of them turn up for drinks that night!

Another home away from home...

Another home away from home…

The next day I left London thinking about my old life. I’d had a really good time in London before I’d left for Canada, and this little trip down had made me realized that it would definitely be the place I would move back to after my adventures. There wasn’t much time to rest however, the next day was my sister’s wedding!

The wedding was a bit of a surreal day to be honest. I’ve been to weddings before but this one was my immediate family, my dad was giving the bride away, my mum was the bride’s mother, the bride was my sister! This didn’t really hit me until I was in the ceremony venue, about 10 minutes before my sister was due to arrive. Suddenly my stomach was filled with butterflies, and I had the feeling that I might burst into tears as soon as she walked into the room. Luckily I was able to hold it together and the day was really great, going off pretty much without a hitch. It was wonderful to see my sister so happy with her husband Oscar, and the rest of my family all really happy.

Me and Sis

Me and Sis

It was also a really great chance to catch up will my entire extended family in a single meeting! I spent a lot of the day talking to my aunties and uncles about my adventures and about my future plans.

After the wedding I spent the next couple of days recovering (3 nights of drinking in a row) and did a saw a couple more of my friends, including my old school mate Ralph, before packing my things to head back to Canada. It had been quite a short trip, but a really productive and worthwhile one, my favourite part was just feeling like I’d never actually left. I think that’s because I’m lucky to have such great friends and family back home. As I write this I’m on the final leg of my flight back to Toronto. Out to my left is Montreal and the St Lawrence river, I really should go there! Soon we’ll be touching down and I’ll have to surrender myself to the border force once more. Hopefully they’ll let me back in ……


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