October ended with a visit from some unwanted guests…. In the wild raccoons are cute and cuddly creatures that spend their days foraging the forest floor for berries, nuts, and other sources of food.


Cute and cuddley right?? WRONG!!!!

Much like foxes in the UK however, human development has now lured them into the cities to route through our rubbish bins and scavenge humanity’s leftovers…  The night before Halloween I was forced to endure a whole night of scratching and scrapping as one, or two, of the furry hooligans tried to get inside the roof space, just above my bed! Imagine that annoying hamster you had as a kid just bigger and completely immune from your attempts to get rid of it/ shut it up. Not good! The next day after a ton of internet trawling I picked a couple of litres of industrial strength ammonia and sloshed it around all over the roof to try keep them away. Closer inspection with my specialised raccoon search tool (see below), revealed that there is actually a huge hole in the side of my house! One for the landlord I think. He’ll have to act soon before they try to nest for the night.


Air Cadet improvisation at it’s finest…


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