The season ends, winter climbing begins!

Autumn/Fall wasn’t quite done in the early part of November. A sudden warm patch got me up on the roof for a couple of warm afternoons, and a couple of extra shifts at Edgewalk.


Nice day for a roof!

We were now down to just weekends at Edgewalk, and the occasional midweek shift if the weather was nice and there was enough bookings. This meant that I was now looking to Joe’s for shifts as much as possible, to keep the money coming in. This means frequent visits to look at the bookings and sign up for whatever lessons and kids belaying that I can. I’d estimated that at best I’d be earning just half of what I’d been earning at Edgewalk, more likely to be somewhere near 25 – 30 percent. This should be enough to just about cover my rent, but I’d have to work hard to cover my planned winter activities. At this point my plans include numerous trips to the ski resorts around Ontario, at least one trip to Quebec for more snowboarding, a muse gig, and perhaps an ice climbing festival. On top of this I need to feed myself of course, and I need to invest in some winter boots.

Soon the temperature started to drop and signaled the end of the Edgewalk season. Safe in the knowledge that I would (probably) be coming back to Edgewalk, and that I wasn’t leaving all my friends behind this winter, I was considerably less emotional at this year’s end of season party. We started off on my roof!


It was lighter than it looks!

With the season over, my activities at Joe’s have ramped right up. This means I’m at the wall at least 3 days a week, so there’s plenty of excuses to climb, and so lots of training! So hopefully I should be able to build up my climbing abilities pretty well for next summer! Here’s a video of my sending a mid-range 5.10/6a, hopefully I can work up into the 7s in the next few months!


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