April – A new Edgewalk season

So winter didn’t quite end in March it seems, I returned to Toronto with snow on the horizon. As the first flakes fell I was having a somewhat nerdy evening building a new computer with Conner, one of my old Edgewalk buddies. I’ve built a couple of computers before but this was by far the largest thing I’d put together. The motherboard had a huge range of extra features! I was also slightly nervy as Conner had spent nearly $3500 on mostly my advice! To my relief the PC came to life on the first attempt to switch it on, once we’d remembered to plug the power cable in….


My first few shifts of the new Edgewalk season we conducted atop a snow covered (but safe of course) CN Tower. It was pretty cool walking around up there with the snow drifting underneath the platform.

April was also a bit of a quest to save money, winter had been expensive, as had my trip back, so I was feeling the need to bulk up my finances in preparation for another trip home and my trip back to BC at the end of summer. There are still plenty of cheap things to do in Toronto though, the main one of these being climbing of course! I was still getting shifts in at Joe’s which meant free climbing to entertain myself and stay fit.

Me and Nyssa also made a trip to The Conservatory, a small public green house in the east part of downtown where they have many exotic plant species.


Very tropical..

I also made my first trip to Toronto’s legendary St Lawrence Market. To be honest this is somewhere I should have been to see during my first summer here, as the hostel I was staying in when I arrived was like 10 mins walk away! The market is a sprawling cavernous building was many many different types of produce on sale, mostly meat, fish, and cheese. I picked myself up local Ontario Brie, and a Sea Bream that had been caught the day before.


As April ended temperatures were begging to warm up and we were now needing less and less layers outside at work. Hopefully this is a sign of a good summer to come!


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