Summer starts in May….


Toronto doesn’t seem to have much of a spring. At the beginning of the month we were just starting to ditch our jackets at the tower, and by the end of it we were walking around in t shirts and slapping suntan lotion on like it was going out of fashion.

This gave me lots of warm evenings to go out and enjoy the city. It was also the season for the ROM’s Friday Night Live events, and that meant an evening of beers in front of the dinosaurs, and some dancing with Nyssa. The ROM has a very striking extension built onto the front of it, and the warm evenings gave me plenty of opportunities to do some photography, so I had a go at taking a time lapse outside. Not on the same evening of course!

It was also Nyssa’s Birthday! So for a treat we had dinner up at the 360 at the tower. The restaurant staff treat other tower staff like VIPs, so it was great to get a table right at the window to watch the world go by while we ate. I had a look at the sunset times in advance and we managed to catch the sunset perfectly as our table rotated around.


Perfect timing!

Food wise I had Fogo Island cod 3 ways, which included a fantastic gratin, amazing shallow fried fillet, and a fish cake with a spicy sauce. Nyssa had quite possibly the largest Alberta steak I’d ever seen, which we both attempted to finish, and ended up taking home for sandwiches the next day! For desert Nyssa had a birthday chocolate tower, and I had an old favourite of mine, pavlova. Probably the poshest pavlova I’ve ever had lol

I spent the 2 year anniversary of my arrival in Canada in much the same way as last year; hanging out on the side of the tallest building in the western hemisphere, in the glorious Toronto sunshine, with my friends. It’s a hard life, but someone’s gotta do it…..