Birthday Celebrations!

Besides my lightning success the other highlight of July was my birthday!! It’s always a good excuse to go out and do something, and conveniently there was some free Blue Jays tickets going at work, so a few of us went down to the Skydome and had a watch. Here’s a little timelapse  of the Dome at night to give some atmosphere.

We didn’t get to see the end of the game however. Baseball games always go on until someone wins, which means when the usual 9 innings are finished they just keep going until someone wins! This’ll add anywhere between 2o minutes to several hours of extra time! With no end in sight and people asking when we were getting to bar we opted to head out, but not before taking a few snaps for prosperity’s sake.


Not bad seats!!

The bar after was pretty hilarious, as is the way we got rather drunk (especially me) and had a fun old time!

On my actual birthday Nyssa took me out for fish chips, and a boat trip around on Lake Ontario. We enjoyed a few beers and caught the sunset really well which was very pretty.


Beautiful clouds

And the night ended in the usual way, with a few whiskys!




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