Sightseeing in October

October was peppered with little bits of tourism. With the season at Edgewalk drawing to a close soon, the pressure was on for us to use our reciprocal deals to enjoy some Toronto tourism before we had to hand out CN Tower passes back in! With this in mind me and Nyssa, Justin and Jenn got together to have a go at seeing a couple of things. We met in usual fashion at Steam Whistle and then, once we’d refreshed ourselves with a tankard of beer, we went over to the Skydome for a tour.


I’ve done this tour before, but this time we were able to actually go onto the field itself! It was pretty awsome to get down onto the hallowed turf. I’ve become somewhat attached to the team while I’ve been here. I would definitely class myself as a fan.


Oh the catches that have been caught here….


After that we headed back to Steam Whistle for another beer, and then jumped on the Toronto tour bus! It was very windy so we only did about half the route, going around the Distillery District, Lawrence Market and around Downtown.


Me and Nyssa also spent an evening with the Cirque du Soleil, and saw Luzia, which they were doing in a rather cool big top on the east side of town.


I didn’t take any pictures of the show or inside the tent because I was too enthralled by the great festival of lights and music to look away for a second. My favourite segment involved dancers spinning around in hoops, underneath a trapeze act, and there was really great use of water throughout the entire show. Here’s a highlights reel from the creators themselves.

At the end of October me and a few of the guys from Edgewalk headed down to the ACC to watch a Toronto Rapters match. Whilst I’ve never been hugely interested basketball, I was pretty impressed by the show the Rapters puts on. The was easily as much noise, lights, and music as the Cirque du Soleil! It was impossible not to be drawn into the excitement and the Rapters came back from behind to win by just 3 points!



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