Lazy November Days..

Things slowed down to a much more relaxed pace in November. The Edgewalk season was coming to a close, giving me plenty of time to enjoy lazy days without having to get up early, and just doing to occasional lesson at the climbing wall. I was still trying to make good use of my time though. During the days I spent much of my time rock climbing and getting in some little bits of tourism around the city. I was able to get to the climbing wall quite a bit during the week with my climbing friend Georgia, and it was great to get a bit of strength back and try harder things.

I also took the chance to spend a few hours in the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). I’m not enormously cultured but I’ll give it a go if its cheap, and the AGO certainly had some interesting stuff. My highlight was an exhibit featuring Gothic Boxwood Miniatures. These will fit in the palm of your hand and feature incredibly intricate carving. The creators of the exhibit had then placed these pods inside lazer/radar measuring equipment to create extremely detailed 3D images of the carving and give the viewer a much closer view of details as small as 2-3mm in size. It was really interesting. I also took in the Mythical Landscapes exhibit and saw my first original Van Gogh, and Monet paintings, it was pretty cool and made me think about what I could do with my photography and how I look at nature. Of course you can’t go to the AGO with out a run up the spiral staircase, that you can see all the way from the tower!


It’s amaaaaazing!

The Edgewalk season also ended this month, with the finale being a big get together and lots of bowling and beers. It was a great evening with a huge turnout that ended at like 4am for me.


Oh jeez…

The big highlight of the month was a little trip away to the countryside with Nyssa. We went up to a cottage in Barry’s Bay, which is in the heart of Ontario’s cottage country. It was a nice little cozy getaway, which revolved around doing lots of drinking in the cottages hot tub! It was really nice to get a little holiday within a working holiday, and relax for a couple of days, with out anything to worry about.


Beautiful view…

I also had my first opportunity to drive a car in Canada, and thanks to being tempted by the rental company into a “blind” upgrade it was the full Canadian experience: An over-sized car, with the steering wheel on the left. It took some getting used to especially the fact that the bulk of the car was on the right hand side of me, which gave me this subconscious habit of staying a little more to the right than I needed to.


It’s big…

November was also to be my last month in Toronto. Over the last few months I’d been looking at my options for the winter and I will now be heading to Lake Louise for one last winter season in the mountains. It’ll be extremely hard to leave Toronto, I’ve had a really wonderful time here. It turned out to be far more than I’d expected, but the winter seasons were always the primary reason for me to be here, and this will likely be the last chance I ever get to live in the mountains and live the dreams that I had before the trip, now nearly 3 years ago. Nevertheless, Monday’s trip to the airport will be tough….


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