Heading west…

Leaving Toronto felt like the end of an era. I’d spent 18 months there, nearly as long as I’d lived in London or at university, it almost felt like leaving home all over again. My last few days were taken up with trying to see as many people as possible and tying up all my loose ends ready to go. My contract with my apartment was also finished, and so I moved in with Nyssa for a few days so I could get plenty of time with her before I headed out. We’ve grown very close over the last few months and I was really not looking forward to not seeing her for a while. We did lots of stuff together including a trip down to Toronto’s Christmas market.


Very festive!

My mission to see everyone went very well, and across a couple of evenings I saw pretty much everyone who I wanted to see, and soon I was heading to the airport. Little pangs of excitement started to creep through though and soon after a tearful goodbye with Nyssa I was boarding my plane to Calgary. I was a little nervous as we descended to land, but Calgary put on it’s glad rags to greet me, and I arrived to a beautiful sunset.


Little did I know, it was -17 degrees down there………..


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