Christmas visitors…

The Christmas period was a busy one for me. It’s the busiest time for the resort, so work was busy, and I had visitors! The first was my dear Mum and Dad. They came over just after Christmas and we had a busy schedule of activities, mostly in the evening. On my one day off with them we did a tour of Johnstone’s Canyon, just down the road in the Bow Valley. It was a pretty cool adventure, our guide took us right down the canyon to the Upper Falls, and pointed out all the interesting geological features along the way. It was really interesting to learn about the geology and the physics of all the frozen water falls in the canyon. I’m going to be studying Geology when I get home, so it was really good to get thinking about it.


Heading into the canyon…

We also saw some ice climbers in the canyon! I’m not sure if I’ll have the time (or money) to do an ice climbing course while I’m here, so I was rather jealous.


You can climb this!!!

We also did some walking and shoe shoeing. We did a nature snowshoe trail around the base area of the ski hill, going through the woods to look for animal tracks, and we did a hike around Lake Louise itself.


Into nature…

In the evenings we mostly sat around drinking Big Rock, and my parents had brought over few Christmas presents for me, including new snowboard boots! We also went to see Rogue One, which was awesome!!! I did do some socializing at GDL too: we had a big meal on Christmas Day, and on New Years Eve we had a bonfire, it was a really cool way to see in 2017.

Shortly after my parents left Tim arrived! He’d spent new year in New York, and had now come up to see the mountains again for a few days. We did a day in Calgary and went to see my very first hockey match! The Calgary Flames vs The Colorado Avalanches!


Great seats!

It was a pretty cool evening. For a start we actually won the game, and I got to experience the atmosphere of this great Canadian pastime. The atmosphere seemed slightly subdued compared to what I was expecting, but the crowd did get more fired up as the Flames started scoring, and the gloves did come off once near the end of the game, which was exciting in a boxing match type of way! As for the game itself, it can be tricky to follow the puck when you turn up having had 3 beers and buy a big one on arrival, and there were several stoppages that occurred for reasons that I didn’t understand, but it was pretty obvious when they scored!

After the hockey me and Tim headed up to Lake Louise for a few lazy days of snow shoeing, snowboarding.


Getting some powder!

It was really great to hang out with Tim again, he’s been to Canada twice to see me now, which I never expected. I have more visitors coming before I go home, and whenever my friends come over it always reminds me how lucky I am to have them, and that you should never take your friends for granted.


May the adventures continue!