April and Thunder Bay

April was a pretty quiet month for me. After getting back from Ottawa I’ve spent most of my time finding a new place to live and then hanging out in it, in order to save money to finance some canoe trips later in the summer and keep my head afloat while my hours at the tower are low. It’s not all twiddling thumbs though, I’ve been brushing up on my knowledge ready for school in September, and catching up with my Toronto friends. Me and Nyssa had some adventures too!



The first was a trip for Nyssa up on to the Edgewalk. It was great to finally get her up there to see where I hang out all summer! It wasn’t the warmest day, but we could still see very far and have fun doing all the activities and things.

As April slipped into May, we ventured to Nyssa’s home town, Thunder Bay. It’s located on the shore of Lake Superior up in northern Ontario, a couple of hours flight from Toronto.  I was a tiny bit nervous on the way up, it was time to meet Nyssa’s parents!!

As we came in to land we flew over Thunder Bay’s perhaps most iconic attraction, the Sleeping Giant. This huge landform stretches for over 5 miles along the horizon in front of the city, and resembles a person led on their back.


Viewed from 25km away!

The scale of the giant is awesome, and whenever we were driving around the city it constantly drew my eye. We were fortunate to get great weather for our visit and so it was nearly always visible when we looked out over the bay.

Nyssa had organised a busy long weekend of first meetings for me, but we spent most of our time hanging out with Nyssa’s parents and brother, and going around to see the local scenery. Our first stop was a walk through Centennial Park. Thunder Bay sits on the exposed edge of the Canadian Shield, a huge section of rock which forms part of the core of Canada itself. Nyssa had mentioned once that amethysts and geodes could sometimes be found in the area and ever since I’d been teasing her about Thunder Bay having gems lying around everywhere! So as we set of into the park my eyes were searching everywhere on the off chance I’d see something (although I really had no clue what to look for!) Sure enough though I spotted a vein of bright white and purple crystals running through a rock in the ground. After some scuffling around, and using the classic technique of throwing one rock at another, we came away with a few nice pieces.


The really good one is Nyssa’s find.

We also had a day with her friends and went over to Kakabeka Falls just outside Thunder Bay. The area had experienced a big deluge of rain and ice a week or so before, and so the falls were really swollen, with water blasting over the edge at quite a rate!


A lot of white water!

As for Thunder Bay itself, the town is not exactly anything to write home about, but as with every city in Canada, dramatic scenery is never far away. The trip was really worth it to meet Nyssa’s family, and I’m looking forward to coming back again, and definitely want to do some hiking to see the Sleeping Giant close up.


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