A very important meeting…

After Ross left I spent most of June being a bit of a hermit, saving money ready for July and my two upcoming canoe trips. Most of my entertainment came from Edgewalk. June was to be my last month working up there, ever, so I’d been experiencing a fresh wave of enthusiasm for the place, just to be out there taking it in.


Some awesome cloud action..

As July approached I had a very important meeting, my parents had come to town for a few days, and they would be meeting Nyssa for the first time. I wasn’t particularly nervous about this, but nevertheless I did have a few butterflies just as the two were about to meet. Unsurprisingly everything was fine and soon they were all exchanging stories of my drunken behaviour, which seems to be how most people who know me bond when they meet for the first time! Mum and Dad had a few things planned while they were in town, this included a Jays game of course.


We actually won the game too!!

The next day we headed down to Niagara Falls. The main aim was to visit the American side of the falls which presented a few extra challenges for me. I would need to get my ESTA and be prepared to face the potential wrath of two border protection agencies once again. Getting the ESTA was useful for me as I needed to ensure I got a stamp in my passport at some point near the end of my visa, to allow me to rent a car with my friends in July. The Americans were actually most suspicious of Nyssa when we first arrived, but after we explained how we all knew each other they were pretty nice and we go through the border no problem. The American side of Niagara was pretty nice. It didn’t have the extensive casinos and waxworks that the Canadian side does, and there was a much larger area of park land around the fall, which I really liked. The view of the falls is not quite as good, but you can get close to both sets of falls, and there’s a lookout that extends out over the canyon.


The view from ‘Merica

My parent’s visit was quite short, but definitely a success, both them and Nyssa expressed how much they liked each other and it was really nice for me to start welcoming Nyssa into the family, as I’d been welcomed with open arms into hers. The real fun starts next month, 3 of my friends are coming over to meet her! (and go canoeing!)


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