Leaving Edgewalk

As June came to and end it was time for me to leave Edgewalk. My work visa was due to expire which meant no more working, and thus I would have to end my time at the tower. I’d been really enjoying my last few months there; I’d ticked off most of the things I hoped to see on a tour (mostly weather phenomenon), and I been lucky to have some great groups of guests who were as enthused about the place as I am.


Ya just can’t beat the office space..

As my last day approached I began to get a few pangs of sadness. Everyone at the tower has been very good to me. It’s been a place of acceptance and support for the entire 3 years of my visa, almost to the day, and in recent days I’ve realized its been the closest thing I’ve had to home while I’ve been here.


Back in my first season.

It was very fitting that I spent my last time up there with Jenn. She’s been with me at the tower from day one, we did our initial interviews and medical together, most of our training together and all those summers full of tours. We closed up on my last day and took some time to take some selfies, take in the view, and talk about the future.


The next day a load of us got together for some drinks and it was very humbling to hear messages of support and thanks from everyone, I managed to hold it together as everyone start to leave the party and ended up being the last one to leave in the morning after we went back to Colin’s house for more drinking.


It’s a thumbs up from us!

Despite feeling very sad about leaving I know that it’s the right time for me to be moving on. My generation there has moved into management or left for greater things, and this is no time in life for me to be treading water.

On Canada Day me and Nyssa made our way over to Trillium park to watch the tower’s firework display. As we watched everything going off I felt glad that I’d made a small contribution, I helped write the book on how to launch fireworks off the tower, so I felt like in a tiny way I’d left a bit of a legacy there for years to come.


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