The Kit List

Here’s the list of stuff that I packed to take with me. I’ll also list the extra things that I’ve acquired along the way and why. You could use this as an example for your trip, unless your a girl, in which case it might not be so useful!

Will it all go in??

Will it all go in??


  • 2 x Pairs of general use trousers – You could substitute for jeans, but that’s not how I roll.

  • Numerous x T Shirts (You can never have enough can you really?!)

  • 2 x Belts

  • 4 x General use shirts

  • Nice Pair of Trousers

  • 2 x Nice Shirts (Combined with the above for job interviews and nice meals)

  • Raincoat (Very kindly bought for me by my friends before I left)

  • Pair of swimming shorts

  • Pair of shorts and a pair of light weight trousers for climbing.

  • Hoodie

  • Fleece Jumper

  • Lots x boxer shorts

  • Lots x socks


  • General use skate shoes

  • Nice leather shoes

  • Climbing shoes – La Sportiva Muiras, I never go anywhere without them.

Useful Stuff:

  • Towel

  • 2 x Flannels (face cloths)

  • Wash Kit – Shaver, tooth brush, etc

  • Mountain Bike tool – It has allan keys, screw drivers and things on it.

  • Mini First Aid kit

  • UK – US plug adapters

  • Sewing kit (I haven’t learned how to sew yet)

  • Spork

  • 6 x Dry bags of various sizes – I got these visions of wading through the lakes of Algonquin with my kit floating along behind me, in reality they’re good for organisation

  • Sleeping bag

Communications and Entertainment

  • Laptop – A Microsoft Surface Pro. This is essentially the centre of my life for talking to friends back home, organizing stuff, playing games in down time, making videos, and blogging of course. I think I may try a review of this later on.

  • A pair of Sony V55 DJ head phones

  • A pair of little in ear spare headphones.

  • GoPro (HD 960) – Extremely versatile for recording stuff. I have a load of mounts for it. (Upgraded to a Hero 3+)

  • Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera. (Upgraded to a Sony A5000)

  • Gorillapod Tripod

  • Timelapse rotator (Very kindly lent to me by my mate Tom)

  • Folder and Dairy – To organize my life.

  • Climbing harness – Again, I don’t go anywhere without it.

And a 60 litre North Face Basecamp bag to try to get it all into.

Winter Kit

I thought I’d add this to give an idea of what you might need for a ski season:

Would be nice if the bikes were mine...

Alas, the bikes are not mine….

  • 2012 F Two “Air” snowboard – This board was given to me by my friends for my birthday when I first started snow boarding, it’s served me valiantly at work throughout the whole season.

  • 2015 Burton “Flight Attendant” snowboard – When things started kicking off snowise early on in the season, I invested in this beast. It’s for those special days when you need a powder orientated board.

  • Waxing kit to keep them both running fast!

  • A pair of burton snowboard boots – These bore the brunt of the work this season. I was wearing them 6 days a week sometimes 11! I also got some Shoe Goo for repairs.

  • The Edge Snowboard jacket – Mine has a removable inner which is handy.

  • Ride Snowboard trousers – These actually lasted really well all season, barely a loose thread.

  • 2 x base layer – Trousers and top – My family gave me a second set for Christmas.

  • Lots of thick socks – Again essential for the mountain. My family and Michelle’s mum had given me some proper ones. My clothes washing cycle essentially revolved around my supply of socks!

  • Several hats, including my famous dragon / dinosaur / steggo hat which has followed me around since I was 16.

  • 3 x Pairs of gloves – Of varying thickness so that I can wear different ones at depending on the conditions. Generally everyone had pairs just for work, as they will get wrecked.

  • 2 x Pairs of goggles – One for work and one for my days off.

  • Work uniform!

  • Back pack for essential kit at work. Inside the back pack:

          • A spare jumper for when it gets particually cold.

          • A least 2 pairs of gloves.

          • Water

          • Tea bags

          • A pack lunch

          • Sun glasses

          • Camera stuff

          • Suncream

Things I’ve acquired along the way.

  • A new keyboard for my Surface Pro – I wanted the Power Cover for my Surface as this contains a battery as well as the keyboard. I had to wait until I was in New York to buy it. NOTE! I ended up getting an entirely new Surface Pro 3 read about that here.

  • A pair of Five Ten accent shoes – Perfect for Edgewalking, Climbing lessons, and some jogging.

  • A GriGri belay device – Very much the standard over here, people look at me suspiciously when I produce an ATC!

  • IKEA Bag – Very handy as a transportable washing basket.

  • Some new mini speakers from Tim.

  • All of my winter / snowboarding gear. Sent over with the help of Mum and Dad.

  • A bike – Its super cheap (I saved it from my bosses dumpster), but very very very handy for getting around Toronto.
  • Canoe paddle, yoke pad, and watershoes, for all those intended canoe trips.

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