The Plan…

So this page is aimed to help anyone searching “What do I do to get to Canada?”, or similar. I’ll add as much detail as I can about my plan, what I did to prepare,and things I have with me.

I’m coming from the UK so of course your visa experience / route may be different!

My Plan

So, the plan! This is the best case scenario with a few possible outcomes along the way.

Worth a look..

Iceland and/or New York anyone? After all they’re sort of on the way right!? If your fancying a wee stop off before you head to Canada, I would recommend one of these two, Iceland definitely because its mid way across and they seem to allow you to stay for a few days without any extra cost to the two flights that you would need. I came away from my hour there enthused to go back for a proper stay as well, the scenery looks amazing if you have even a passing interest in geology or the outdoors I bet you wont be disappointed. I’m stopping in New York, but took the flight via Iceland to keep the cost down (I’ve no idea why its cheaper?!).


After 5 days in New York the plan is the head up to Niagara (on a long train), have two nights there, and then on to Toronto, to work for the summer. This is where it gets a bit more fluid, as how I approach the ski season will be defined by how much work I get. If I get a lot I can afford to head over a bit later to try and secure a job or use a working holiday organisation to potentially help me out. If I dont get much work, I may have to go sooner to make sure I definitely find something.


I don’t know much about ski seasons in Whistler but I’m assuming they’re awesome!

The aftermath

Post season I’ll be looking to get back into my career in Cartography / Geographical Information Systems (GIS), hopefully with another visa in Canada. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Good Plan?


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